Challenge the best players around and compete for prizes!


Walk up registration required. All players must check in with tournament organizers the day of the tournament to complete registration.

Players can choose their own nickname, or “handle.” All names must be appropriate as decided by tournament organizers.

General Rules:

Wiimotes and GameCube style controllers will be provided.

If your name is called for your match and you are not present, you will be disqualified from that match.

We expect fair gameplay. If anyone attempts to use glitches they will be disqualified from the tournament entirely.

Depending on participation, the brackets may be reduced in size. The Tournament Organizers will decide on the day of the tournament.

Super Smash Bros. Wii U:

All DLC characters will be available. Custom characters can not be used.

Match Setup
1. Four Player Vs
2. Stock = 2
3. Time Limit = 6 Minutes
4. No Items
5. No Customs
6. Pause Disabled
7. Stages: Omega stage will be determined on day of tournament

The winner of the match will proceed to the next round.

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe:

Each player may choose whatever combination of character and cart/bike that they wish. You may switch between races as well. It’s first come first served when choosing characters.

Tournament organizers have the final say in all decisions.

Match Setup
1. Four Player Vs
2. Three Lap Race
3. 100cc Cup
4. Map will be determined on day of tournament

The winner of the race will proceed to the next round.

Rocket League (PS4)

Game Rules are as follows

No Bots
Game Types:

Mannfield (Stormy)
Beckwith Park
Beckwith Park (Stormy)
Beckwith Park (Midnight)
DFH Stadium
Urban Central

Match Formats
Players will play matches in the following formats, depending upon the tournament round:

All Rounds Best of 3 (First player to win 2 games wins the match.)
Final Best of 5 (First player to win 3 games wins the match.)
The higher seeded player will choose the arena in which the match is to be played.

All matches must end in a victory for one player. In the event of a draw after five minutes of play, the in game overtime will be used to determine the winner.

Ultimate Street Fighter 2

Game Rules are as follows

16 players
Each fight is beset out of 3 rounds. The winner will advance.