Some of our Special Guests include:



Jon St. John

Jon St. John is an American voice actor who started out as a radio DJ at the age of 14.

One of the first voice actors in video games, Jon is best known as the voice behind the first famous FPS – DUKE NUKEM, and he is also heard on games such as: Sonic Adventures, Guild Wars 2, Star Trek: Online, World of Warcraft, Counter-Strike, Half-Life: Opposing Force, Rad Rodgers, This is the Police, and D&D Neverwinter, to name just a few.

Jon is heard as lead characters in two of the world’s top eSports tournament games, DoTA2 and Counterstrike: GO

An honored guest at gaming conventions around the world, Jon is one actor who really enjoys meeting his fans…so don’t be shy, step right up and shake his hand!




Jon St. John – My Life As A Voice Actor Join popular host Jon St. John for a lighthearted look behind the scenes of his infamous career as a broadcaster and voice actor and plan to bring your own best voice for a chance to join Jon on stage and participate in readings, contests, and maybe even a couple of pranks. All ages are welcome (but shouldn’t be surprised if the language is a little bit 18+ – have you met Jon?), prizes are inevitable, and having fun is the only order of the hour
Jon St. John – Uncensored Jon St. John may be as well known for his unfiltered personality as he is for his large body of work. Join him for a no-holds-barred panel where no topic is off limits and you never know what might pop up. Just don’t be surprised if he turns the mic on you! 18+, sense of humor and valid id required.
Meet Jon St. John Take advantage of the opportunity to ask popular voice actor Jon St. John anything in this open-forum Q&A, but be prepared for an unexpected answer! All ages welcome, but language may be 18+





Brian F. Colin – Game Designer/Artist/Animator


Creator of such videogame classics as RAMPAGE, XENOPHOBE and GENERAL CHAOS, Brian F. Colin is a vastly experienced Game Designer, Artist, Animator and Development Group Leader over 80 video game titles to his credit…. including the creation of some of the most-popular, highest-earning & best-selling titles in video game history!

Although well-known for sharing first-hand, anecdotal insights into the early days of arcade game development, this year he’ll be sharing tales and photos from the Sets, Locations and “black carpet Premier” of the new RAMPAGE Movie, starring Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.

Some of his better-known games include:

RAMPAGE Dedicated Arcade Game
XENOPHOBE Dedicated Arcade Game
ARCH RIVALS Dedicated Arcade Game
PIGSKIN 621 AD Dedicated Arcade Game
RAMPAGE WORLD TOUR Dedicated Arcade Game
STAR TREK VOYAGER Dedicated Arcade Game
GENERAL CHAOS Home Console Game




From RAMPAGE…To The Rock Game designer/artist/animator Brian F Colin shares classic arcade stories as well as tales from the sets and locations of RAMPAGE the Movie, starring Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, which is based on his classic arcade game!
So you want to be a video game designer? Check out this in-depth documentary about the industry, followed by a Q&A with game designer/artist/animator Brian F Colin!





Comic Drake

You might know Drake McWhorter (A.K.A. Trailer Drake & Comic Drake) from his time on The Game Theorists, ScrewAttack, and The Weekly Pull or from his minor “hit” shows, Crossover, Smash History, and Unpopular Gaming Opinions. He’s a comic book enthusiast, video maker extraordinaire, freelance voice actor, and aspiring game developer who puts the fans first!




So you want to be a YouTuber? Gaming is a HUGE medium that attracts lots of different types of people, but sometimes we tend to just go with the crowd and don’t voice our unpopular opinions. Join Comic Drake for a laid back talk about some of YOUR opinions that might go against the grain. POSITIVE VIBES ONLY! 

Unpopular Gaming Opinions  Gaming is a HUGE medium that attracts lots of different types of people, but sometimes we tend to just go with the crowd and don’t voice our unpopular opinions. Join Comic Drake for a laid back talk about some of YOUR opinions that might go against the grain. POSITIVE VIBES ONLY! 





Mortal Kombat Stars Daniel Pasina & John Parrish


Daniel Pesina (born in Chicago, Illinois, USA) played Johnny Cage in Mortal Kombat and Mortal Kombat II, and also portrayed the ninja characters Reptile, Scorpion, and Sub-Zero in the 1st and 2nd games as well (also including the secret ninja characters Noob Saibotand Smoke in MKII). Pesina a true master of the martial arts, returns to New Jersey Gamer Con, to share with us his amazing talents. “Get Over Here”

John Parrish is the actor, who is best known for his portrayal of Major Jackson “Jax” Briggs in Mortal Kombat II, Mortal Kombat 3, Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3, Mortal Kombat Trilogy, Mortal Kombat 4, and Mortal Kombat Advance. He also practiced in Northern Kung Fu, and hold fitness training classes at the @Galloping Ghost GAMA – Gym and Martial Arts in Brookfield, IL. This will be John’s first appearance at the New Jersey Gamer Con, and we are happy to welcome him.



Doc Mack


A lifetime fan of arcades, and when he opened Galloping Ghost Arcade, he wanted to create a space where people can experience as many different games as possible. He was of the belief visitors could come and play whatever they want as long as they want, whether it’s a childhood favorite or something they have never seen before.

Doc has been restoring and collecting arcade cabinets and boards for years. “I want the arcade industry to survive and thrive wherever I can, and I have helped multiple arcades open across America.”

Doc also runs an indie game studio, Galloping Ghost Productions, and their first game will be an arcade cabinet exclusive! Which will be also available to check out at the New Jersey Gamer Con 2018. Dark Presence is a traditional Arcade Fighter rendered using the highest standards in video gaming.





Dangerous Dan


Daniel is a 4th degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do and has been involved in martial arts since the age of 5. He has made many appearances at local conventions and thrills crowds with his cosplay and martial arts skills.





Dan Cattell

Dan Cattell is a published designer of pixelated costumes, artist vendor, and gaming convention panelist with a love for Nintendo and the Metroid series. He spent years crafting the bulk of the articles found on Wikitroid and recently founded the Metroid Cosplay community on Facebook.




Metroid: Who is Samus Aran? This panel will explore the history of the development of videogaming’s oldest woman protagonist to have regular starring roles since her inception. What has remained consistent about her character over the years? What has changed? What has been revealed about her secret origins?





Action Figure Junkies (AFJ) Featuring MJ Ortiz, Robert Trate, and Evan Liss


Action Figure Junkies (AFJ) is the premiere action figure site on the web. Our website provides industry news, reviews, columns, “hunts”, and more. AFJ originated from our vibrant Facebook Group. This incredible community is the largest group of its kind on Facebook (40,000+). Our core values are to maintain a fun, family atmosphere and to treat fellow collectors with respect. That is what separates AFJ from other sites and groups. As technology advances and the toy industry does not, our group becomes more necessary to fill the gap, especially in a post Toys R Us world.





Brandon Osorio


Brandon G. Osorio is best known for developing an exciting new style of tabletop gaming exemplified by Dark Refuge: the Adventure Game, and the Time Shredders roleplaying game. Since then he has authored eight novels including the philosophical science-fantasy epics God Swords: Saga of the Bladed Sun and Day Earth Died, and seven Dark Refuge sourcebooks for Dark Refuge Games ( of his proudest moments have been running the national Border Wars Campaign, bringing together hundreds of players from across the USA, and being a guest speaker at Stony Brook university on the subjects of Independent Game Design and Creating Compelling Villains. Additional accomplishments include the multi-year national Draco Liberatti and Goblin Lands campaigns, as well as running biweekly events to benefit a children’s charity.

Brandon has also been part of the team that developed Wisdom Vault (, designed to promote the undiscovered authors and creators. In previous years, Wisdom Vault has released Ray Lamb’s poetry book Bring This Song to Others, and Allison Oakes Baby’s First Book of Euphemisms, which featured Brandon’s artwork. This year Brandon is proud to be running the open beta for Seas of Kansas, an exciting new survival horror tabletop RPG designed for cinematic adventures set in a modern city being overcome by flood waters.





All Things Quite Nerdy





All Things Quite Nerdy Panel We are small fish in a huge a** ocean, but that still doesn’t mean we don’t know how to swim. In our session, we’ll talk about how we’ve started, where we’ve stopped, and how we’re going full steam ahead and some things down the pipeline.





QuickPaw, Squarepainter and Tiny Neenja


Rob “QuickPaw” Steiner Jr. returns to NJ Gamer Con. Fan and friend of the YouTube community, Rob dabbles in animation and gaming streams on his YouTube channel. You’ll be hard-pressed to see him without his signature Marty Jr. hat.

Adam Shub aka Squarepainter has been hand painting nostalgic pixel art since 2008. His YouTube channel consists of time lapse paintings, art reviews, pick up videos and more.

TinyNeenja is an illustrator and creative Twitch streamer that focuses on horror and retro games. She also creates cosplay and props for herself and the YouTube community, most notably for the Angry Video Game Nerd series.




Video Game Cover Art: The Good, The Bad, The Weird For the second year in a row, Rob “QuickPaw”, Squarepainter, and Tiny Neenja discuss video game cover art. Watch them dive into some memorable, and not quite so memorable covers from classic video games. You’ll laugh, you’ll be amazed, and you’ll probably want to blank some of these from your mind.





Justin Silverman & Antonio Piluso





Batman Self Defense Course and Harley Quinn Costume Contest Super-buff and handsome guys (JokerFan279 and mega_bat_friend) team up and show off some wicked Batman self defense moves that you should use to defend yourself. Then they rate Harley Quinn Cosplayers! Who will win the ULTIMATE PRIZE???

Beau “Protroid” LaManna


Hi there! My name is Beau “Protroid” LaManna, and I am an Esports Shoutcaster based in Flemington, NJ. For a year and a half, I have been the Head of Commentators for CompeteLeague North America, an amateur Esports organization with the goal of bringing a professional environment for amateur players. CompeteLeague has taken me across North America, casting finals in both Calgary and Denver, as well as managing events behind the scenes. More recently I organized the CompeteLeague end of the now infamous Tyler1 Invitational, a major League of Legends tournament where high ELO players battled it out for a 10K prize pool.

Esports: fostering player growth through competitive gaming Beau “Protroid” LaManna talks about how the competitive community fosters amateur player growth, with a specific focus on his experiences with low level League of Legends (Bronze and Silver). He’ll also be briefly covering how people can get into Esports as a shoutcaster.

Dais Of Thunder

Dais Of Thunder is a group of local comedians that roast fictional characters.

They have been doing video game roasts for the last three years at clubs colleges and conventions and are excited to be part of New Jersey Gamer Con.


Roast of Pacman A group of local comedians costume up and Roast everyone’s favorite yellow disc. (Mature Content)


And many more!!