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New Jersey Gamer Con
Vendor Information / Table Space Request

Event : New Jersey Gamer Con
Date: July 22-23
Time: Saturday 10am-6pm, Sunday 10am-4pm

Vendor Space Pricing

6′ wide x (approximately) 6′ deep vendor space.
Includes 6′ x 3′ vendor table – $100 Each

Artist Space Pricing

6′ wide x (approximately) 4′ deep artist space.
Includes 6′ x 1.5′ vendor table – $65 Each (LIMITED)
[Artists may only sell original work]

One table space for you and a helper will be provided at the artist rate, any additional space that you require will be at the standard vendor table rates.

Cosplay Vending Space Pricing

6′ wide x (approximately) 4′ deep artist space.
Includes 6′ x 1.5′ vendor table – $65 Each (LIMITED)
[Cosplayers may only sell photos or cosplay related items]

You understand that attire must be kept to a PG rating, as well as photos and other items sold at your vendor table.

You are permitted to sell photos and to take photos with attendees. Items for sale at your vendor space should be cosplay related, or press material for your business and or other appearances. If you are interested in selling general merchandise, please refer to the standard vendor pricing listed above.

How To Apply For Space

Please complete the below Vendor Application Form or email with the following info:

• Type of vendor. (Vendor/Artist/Cosplayer)
• Are you a returning vendor?
• How many spaces do you wish to reserve.
• Product types you plan to sell.
• Physical address and contact info.

Additional Information

Any information submitted is not to be used as a contract and in no way does this obligate either party to provide services. This form is used solely to qualify potential participants, request info, and to make reservation for participation in the New Jersey Gamer Con. Space is limited at this show, and space will sell out. Guarantees cannot be made to anyone without a paid vendor invoice and signed contract.

In an attempt to not over crowd the Vendor Marketplace, the information requests above will be used to create a diverse shopping experience for the attendees. Selection of the vendors to be included in the New Jersey Gamer Con will be left to the discretion of the Event Planning Department. If you are denied participation based on the redundancy of products offered, you will be offered the opportunity to provide additional types of merchandise to sell at the Vendor Marketplace. If there are any questions, please feel free to call (856) 905 6169.

Please provide us with a physical address, along with your contact info…we will be sending you a contract, invoice, and general info regarding the show. Most info will be sent via email and the payment will be handled through PayPal. If you are unable to use PayPal, we will be able to accept Credit Card payment over the phone. Your show credentials may be sent to you through the mail.