The Tabletop Room at NJ Gamer Con are brought to you by The Game Guyz!

Tournament Schedule:

Friday, July 6th
Before 7 PM Sign-up for Seas of Kansas Open Beta
Saturday, July 7th
11:00 AM – 2:00 PM Seas of Kansas Open Beta: Event 1
11:00 AM Diplomacy Tournament – 7 players
1:00 PM Heroquest Tournament – 5 players
2:00 PM Battleship Tournament – 24 players, double-elimination
3:00 PM – 6:00 PM Seas of Kansas Open Beta: Event 2
4:00 PM Star Wars Trivial Pursuit Tournament – 4 players x 2
5:00 PM Ticket to Ride Tournament – 5 players ($5 entry fee)
6:00 PM Dungeons & Dragons – 6 players
Sunday, July 8th
11:00 AM Axis & Allies Tournament – 5 players
12:00 PM Settlers of Catan Tournament – 4 players x 2 ($5 entry fee)
1:00 PM Acquire Tournament – 6 players
2:00 PM King Oil Tournament – 4 players
3:00 PM Marvel Legendary Tournament – 4 players

We will also be offering Magic: The Gathering 8 player booster drafts all weekend. Drafts will go off as soon as we have 8 players signed up. Cost is $15 with an 8/4 split on prizes for 1st & 2nd place.

Exclusive for 2018, only at NJ Gamercon!

Join the Seas of Kansas Open Beta, a revolutionary Survival Horror Tabletop RPG from Wisdom Vault and the creator of Dark Refuge: The Adventure Game and The Time Shredders game.

Players take on the role of Search and Rescue operatives heading into a modern city that has been flooded by rising waters. Their goal: recover a proprietary prototype, rescue a VIP, and get back out of the flooded city safely. Arrayed against them is a conspiracy of corporate goons, opportunistic mercenaries, and neo-nazis.

With an exciting player-driven cover system, unlockable metaphysical abilities, and a team dynamic designed to empower the players to roleplay their characters to the max, you should be playing Seas of Kansas.

Day 0 Event: Join the Beta

Exclusive for NJ Gamercon 2018, come down on Friday night, meet the game creator and sign up to receive a complimentary digital copy of the Seas of Kansas Beta version.

Players who arrive before 7:00 PM can join this first demo game, get first pick of characters, and get access to exclusive gear, weapons and items for their character. Players who arrive after 7pm can still join the two Saturday games, but may not get first pick of character. Please arrive 10 minutes before the listed start time to select characters.

Event 1 Saturday: Seas of Kansas: A Turd Gator got my Leg

Begin your day in style. Raid an Oblivate Industries laboratory to rescue a scientist, and learn the real truth behind the flooding in Seas of Kansas. But when the other experiments at the lab get loose, it will be a fight for survival against the horrors being weaponized by the corrupt corporation.

(4 hr event) Ages 16 and Up

Event 2 Saturday: Seas of Kansas: A Deadly Storm

After a successful mission into the bones of the city, your Search and Rescue team is stranded on the Inland Coast. Surrounded by polluted waters infested with sludge sharks, you must survive 24 hours while a deadly storm batters the coastline. As the stress of the situation rises, some of your comrades begin experiencing strange metaphysical phenomenon.

You and your team will have to figure out what threats are coming from outside, and what dangers come from within. Luckily for you, your team has the skills to survive.

(4 hr event) Ages 16 and Up

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