Table Swaps and Cross Promotion

Please use the form below if you are interested in promoting your event or other interest at our 2018 show! We look forward to continuing to create relationships with other groups and events of quality content who share a similar audience. Our attendees enjoy learning about related events, tournaments, educational opportunities and other gaming gatherings, and we welcome other organizations to come share their information.

What’s a table swap?

A “table swap” is when we come to your event or organization to promote our event, and you come to ours to do the same, usually with no fee charged to either party. In some cases, an equitable trade can be made in which different cross-promotional needs are met. For instance, you give us a table at your show and we distribute your next events’ flyers throughout the year, or we give your organization a table and you create and edit a video production showcasing our event, or we provide consoles at your convention and you provide arcade cabinets at ours. These are just some examples, but this can be simple and fun! We believe – and have seen firsthand – that by partnering up with others we all stand to increase awareness, involvement and attendance, and that only by helping each other out can we truly tap into huge opportunities for great mutual success.

Filling out this application is not a guarantee of a space to promote at our show, but indicating your interest here will give us an opportunity to review your request and to start a dialog. We have several levels of possible involvement, from basic flyer distribution and table trades to different levels of sponsorship packages.

Please read our vendor rules and guidelines and familiarize yourself with our code of conduct.