SkyBlew will be premiring his new album at New Jersey Gamer Con!

After making his announcement about the release of his new album, PTSD (“Painting ‘Til She Dials”), we are absolutely thrilled that he will be performing some of his latest music live for you during NJ Gamer Con!

SkyBlew’s music is very positive and inspirationabut it still gets the fans attention with infectious beats and lyrics. This kid sounds like NOTHING out right now! Speaking from his life experiences such as: foster care, homelessness and etc, he uses his message in hopes to make a difference. He chose to rise above the dire circumstances and share his story. SkyBlew uniquely incorporates anime, cartoon and video game references/themes into his repertoire, to create hip hop like you’ve never heard before! His music has been used by FUNimation and more! We guarantee, he will captivate the crowd with an AMAZING performance, you’re sure to never forget! Come ready to enjoy yourselves and have a great time!

Mario “SkyBlew” Farrow grew up in Alabama. Most of his neighborhoods were polluted with drugs, gangs, and violence. Surrounded by negativity and transitioning into various foster homes, he could have easily chosen the wrong path. Rather than succumbing to his environment and dire circumstances, Mario chose to rise above them and use music to soothe his soul and escape. He would freestyle and rhyme to himself, eventually penning his lyrics under the name, “Young Millionaire,” in 2004. In 2008 Mario relocated and acclimated to Chapel Hill, NC. During this transitional period, he delved deeply into his craft, linking up with local emcees and producers like ACee, Shoton, and KdotMills. Taking his lyricism to the next level, Mario decided to change his handle to “SkyBlew.” His music is proving to be unique with an uplifting, powerful, and positive message in Hip-Hop. SkyBlew uses his sincere, substantive lyrics & soulful sound to breathe life into a genre saturated with lies, darkness and gimmicks. Most say, SkyBlew is a breath of fresh air! He pushes the boundaries with his music and brings a new/unique flavor to the music world. In addition to his solo career, SkyBlew is also half of the dynamic duo known as Blaze the Sky, with fellow emcee, Azon Blaze.




DJ Awesomus_Prime


Awesomus_Prime combines his love for all things nerdy and his passion for music. Leveling up to DJ from clarinet player allowed for a better performance and dynamic dance experience. He has dropped mixes dedicated to gamers with TRAP-formers being his most popular on SoundCloud. Awesomus_Prime enjoys the convention culture, cosplay, gaming, comics and graphic novels, and anime; he took these influences and created his music experience just for you, his fellow fandom friends. This Autobot DJ wants nothing more but to transform your comic-con, gaming expo or action figure trade show into one heck of a dance party because “Music is the right of all sentient beings”.


Awesomus_Prime’s Cybertron Dance-A-THON Your mind will go 88 MPH transporting you to Nostalgia Town when Awesomus_Prime drops classic tunes from Sonic the Hedgehog to Rick and Morty but all with a modern remix flare. Awesome_Prime is more than just a DJ; he wants to transform your con experience into one heck of a good time. This Autobot bass dropping machine will have you singing along and dancing your cosplay boots off… You’ll leave feeling like you too were born of the AllSpark because “Music is the right of all sentient beings”




Scott Erickson

Scott Erickson, a musician who calls Danville, Pennsylvania home, has been performing professionally for 25 years and can be seen regularly at venues in PA, NJ and DE. He also plays annually in Chicago, IL, and has performed as far West as California and Oregon. “Playing live music has always been my passion,” says Erickson. “and I love expanding my shows and scope & playing in new places.”

As a solo artist, he has opened for The Bacon Brothers (actor Kevin Bacon and his brother Michael), classic rock icons Blue Oyster Cult, and comedians such as the legendary Gilbert Gottfried. He has also performed with former Paul McCartney sidemen Robbie McIntosh and Hamish Stuart (who has also worked with Ringo Starr), country music superstar Keith Urban, and jammed with members of legendary rock ‘n’ roll band The Smithereens. Recently, he performed on a Monkees tribute album and also recorded a song with famed “Wings” drummer Steve Holley for Pop Garden Radio’s upcoming release, Commotion: A Tribute to John Fogerty and Creedance Clearwater Revival.

The late Pat DiNizio (Lead singer/songwriter of The Smithereens) once described Scott as, “…an enormously talented walking encyclopedia of pop music, with a reputation for excellence that can’t be glossed over.”

After all these years of performing, Erickson still loves what he does and is ready to play for as many new audiences in as many new areas around the country as possible. He freely and proudly admits, ’’Without my audience, I am nothing at all. I sincerely thank them, and I am eternally in their debt.”


Saturday – 1980’s Unplugged Scott plays a solo-acoustic set of some of the biggest hits of the 1980’s
Sunday – Tunes from the Classic Video Game Era: 1978-1992 Scott plays a set of the greatest hits and forgotten gems from the years that the Atari 2600, Intellevision and Colecovision were king. Plus some sing-along surprises




NIIC the Singing Dog

Some of his proudest moments have been running the national Border Wars Campaign, bringing together hundreds of players from across the USA, and being a guest speaker at Stony Brook university on the subjects of Independent Game Design and Creating Compelling Villains. Additional accomplishments include the multi-year national Draco Liberatti and Goblin Lands campaigns, as well as running biweekly events to benefit a children’s charity.


Concert: NIIC the Singing Dog The green, singing dog from the streets of Philly unleashes a dance party of epic gaming songs! Get ready for one power-packed concert with NIIC the Singing Dog!