Ready for a full weekend packed with fun games, music, panels, tournaments and much more? So are we!

As we iron out final details to our schedule, stay tuned to find out when and where to catch all the action at Gamer Con!

Casual Tournament Schedule in our 24 hour Arcade/Console Area

NJ Gamer Con Presents VR

Not only will we be presenting VR options in our free play arcade. You will also be able to purchase tickets for the Ultimate VR Racing experience!


NJ GAMER CON is the 1st to feature a sneak peak at the upcoming retro-gaming action/horror/comedy, shooting this Fall in the Philadelphia area.

A haunted arcade cabinet from the bowels of the famous Amityville horror house sucks the beautiful daughter of a floundering Long Island arcade into a nightmarish pixelscape. And her only hope for survival are a couple of nerdy gamers who must venture into this world, as they fight together through levels of traps, monsters, zombies and demons. PAY to play. PRAY to survive.

It’s Jumanji-meets-Evil Dead in this FX driven film sure to please retro gaming and gore fans alike!

Nerwall Films and Chapman productions have teamed up for a new venture. Combining their talents to produce a series of fun B-movie style Independent films and a line of comic books starting in Fall of 2018. Their 1st venture is AMITYVILLE ARCADE which will be shot between Philadelphia’s TNT AMUSEMENTS and Allentown, PA.
Headed by Producer Joe and Libby Chapman and writer Newt Wallen formerly of Underbelly and Silvermania, as well as fx masters Joe La Scolla, Ryan Hickey and actress Crystal Quin.

Thugs VS Dinosaurs Movie Screening

Come see the no budget movie, full of heartbreak, action, and story! Featuring a Q&A with the creator and crew afterwards, and more.

Tripp Tiffany has been making movies since he was 7 years old. When he was 15, he filmed his first feature length movie “Thugs VS Dinosaurs” for a budget of only $2000, with a group of friends in Schwenksville, Pennsylvania.

So You Wanna be a Video Game Designer?

This is a documentary that gets the answers to the most frequently asked questions about breaking into video games straight from the mouths of the designers of many of the most popular, highest-earning, best-selling video games of all time! The documentary gives a unique a historical perspective; yet offers insights and answers that are every bit as true today as they ever were.

Brian F. Colin will be doing a Q&A at the end of the documentary!

The Legendary Pokemon Showdown: DS Pokemon Tournaments

We all know ALL the best Pokémon are the Legendary ones. Those Pokémon we grind to get, and then we’re told they aren’t allowed in official VGC tournaments. Well, allow NJ Gamer Con to make things a bit more LEGENDARY -with our first ever POKÉMON LEGENDARY SHOWDOWN! You’ll compete against your fellow trainers using ONLY the Legendary and Mythical Pokemon. We will run Doubles in a Swiss system tournament with 4-6 per team (Pokémon Sun/Moon & Ultra Sun/Ultra Moon). We promise this will be an epic battle of the titans. Sign-up starts 15 mins prior to the tournament, and SPACE IS LIMITED! Grand Prize TBA!

Please bring your own 3DS or 2DS and a copy of Pokemon Sun & Moon or Pokemon Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon; we will not be providing systems or games for this competition.

Make sure your system is fully charged before you arrive, there are limited outlets in the competition room and there is no guarantee you will have access to any of them. If your system loses battery in mid battle it will count as a loss for you and we really want everyone to have a fun time so don’t forget to be fully charged.

Follow the action of the tournament here!

Please note that the tournament link won’t be live until 2 or more contestants are entered at NJ Gamer Con, players can keep track of their progress, and spectators will be able to follow along through the link!

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  • Saturday 10AM Doors Open. Pre-registered guests who bought tickets online will receive their badges, and at-the-door full price passes can be purchased as well.

  • Gamer Con runs from 10AM Saturday through 4PM Sunday, with certain restricted times in specific areas to be announced soon. The vendor room will be closing Saturday night and will reopen Sunday morning at 10AM. A full schedule will be published prior to the show with details on tournament times and entry, where you can meet special guests, and more including prizes and giveaways!

    The 6th NJ Gamer Con is set to be our biggest and best convention yet, with more games, prizes, tournaments, cosplay, vendors, special guests, live music and more gaming action!